Cassio Rivetti "Keep working hard and you will be there"

International season followed in Germany

26 April 2016


In track on the Young Horse tests, Jasper M took a lot of experience. He signs a perfect performance on the class on Thursday then lets a bar overturn the next day on the tour quoted in 1,40. “I am very satisfied with the evolution of the horse which becomes more and more skillful on his bars.”

The KWPN horse, Beau Limit, very well behaved in spite of a light tiredness felt during the third day. Beau Limit is classified in particular on the eighth rank on Friday after a class completed in the certified test 4* (1,50). “It's a horse very pleasant to everyday life which becomes really comfortable on these heights. “

Lagerfeld participated, as for him, in the tests quoted in 1,40 on Friday and Thursday. Not belong to the best of its shape, the male left it light penalties. “Back home, Lagerfeld is put at rest to find him 100% for his next competition.”

The mare BWP, Fine Fleur du Marais, very well jumped on her first two classes where she signs perfected races on the track. She offers herself besides a ranking in the test quoted in 1.50 (label 4 *) on Saturday. A sensation of embarrassment during Sunday's Grand Prix brought Cassio to protect his mount. “I was very fast felt that Fine Fleur was not 100% of her capacities, I thus preferred to treat her carefully. I am not very worried. “


In a general way this competition allowed the horses to continue peacefully their season of competition, case to be followed.