Cassio Rivetti "Keep working hard and you will be there"

Vilamoura Atlantic Tour : second part

27 February 2017


After this second week at the Vilamoura Atlantic Tour, it is time to check Cassio's results.

His younger horses had some good results. We can notice Exocet du Houssoit and Quarisma RC who respectively scored first and third during the 1.25 meter test two weeks ao. Quarisma RC continued last week with one more third place on Wednesday during a 1.25 meter challenge. Kaiser van het Lambroeck should not be forgotten. Indeed the young stallion managed to get ranked during the 1.35 meter young horses of seven years challenge for the seconde time. « I am proud of them. They jumped well and really improved. »

Like the younger horses, the 8-year-old ones also had quite good scores. Valolita du Lozon, Dollar de Frémis and Dayton Sitte had good training courses. For his part, Versus de Virton had great results. After a first place during a 1.35 meter on the first Wednesday, he maintained his present momentum during the second week, where he managed to get ranked on each test. « They all gave their best and I am sure that next week will be even better. »

Ut Majeur de Brecey also had a good second week. He did not have a single penalty except on the second Thursday where he unfortunately dropped a bar. It did not demoralize him and he finally ranked sixth during the next challenge. « Ut is quite settled. He usually is on good disposal. »

Let's finish with Lagerfeld who worked well this week. The 11-year-old stallion got ranked three times in two weeks. His best performances were his two fourth places. The first one during the 1.50 meter 3* test on the first Sunday and the second one week later during the 1.45 meter challenge. « Lagerfeld had quite good performances this week. We need to continue to work together to get to the top. »

There are still a few weeks before the closure of the Vilamoura Atlantic Tour, so what is next?